4X-large - 80,000 kg

Multi-Mover 4XL


4500-7400 kg


205 cm


125 cm


90 / 142 cm

Push and Pull force

80,000 kg



The Multi-Mover 4XL is one of the strongest pedestrian operated tow tug on the market right now.

This electric towing truck for pushing and pulling industrial trailers of 80,000 kg is made for very heavy cargos on wheels . Also on badly paved grounds, inside as well as outside, one can drive very well because of the large tyres and superb ground clearance.

It can be ordered with a hydraulic hitch as an option. (pictures)

This heavy electric cargo pusher has power steering, 2 very powerful electric engines, electronic differential, hydraulic parking brakes and does not need to lift anything up to move it around. With a horizontal tractive pushing and pulling force of 35,000 Newton you do not need to ask the operator to push your heavy loads, you can easily do this yourself. You can push or pull wagons on rails with a total of 450 To with this electric power tug. The 4XL 80To has a weight between 4500 kg and 7400 kg depending on the circumstances.

  • Engine power 2 x 8kW 48VAC, maintenance-free
  • 48V 320AH / 5 hours battery pack
  • Charger 48 volts 40A, high frequency external
  • Push and Pull 80,000 kg or 26,500 newton horizontal traction
  • Engine brake and hydraulic parking brake
  • Solid-rubber tyres 23 inch, 22,5 cm width super elastic
  • Ergonomic tiller head with emergency stop, belly button
  • Speed reduction system in case excessive cornering speed
  • Steerable tiller head with electric power steering
  • 2  x 400 mm polyurethane steering wheel
  • 2 Potentiometer, of which 1 continuous setting and pre-sets to 5 km/h
  • Emergency stop switch on the housing
  • Emergency stop on Tiller head (vertical position)
  • Battery, hour and error display
  • IP54
  • Inching forwards and backwards
  • Lock with 3 keys
  • Horn
  • Minimum speed is 0.1 km/h
  • Coupling thread at various heights for couplings
  • Rockinger semi-automatic bolt coupling
  • Work area: 4 km
  • Operating time: 2-3 workdays
  • 2 years warranty, parts list and manual
  • CE and Declaration of Conformity

Always supplied with 1 Battery block (in the drive box), external charger and a hitch.

Solid Continental Non Marking
Drive Wheel covers

Steering wheels
Steering wheel flaps

Have a look here

Remote control upgrade

Other options
ATEX Zone 1, 21, 2 or 22
Different RAL colour
Warningsystem Flashlight optical
Warningsystem Drive acoustical
Internal Charger
Back light plug for truck trailers 24 Volt
Brake and Suspension release, Compresso