Maintenance and Guarantee

Maintenance and Guarentee


Multi-Mover offers a two-year guarantee and many more years of pleasurable use. For our terms and conditions, please look here.

Please feel free to contact us for specific requests and advice. We will be glad to inform you.


The Multi-Mover is practically maintenance-free. A few items however need to be checked once in a while:

  • Regularly check tyre pressure: a 10% pressure shortage means 30% less power.
  • Treat the lock once a year with a moisture-repellent spray; in case of a very humid environment once a month
  • Annually clean the axles, if needed lubricate with a brass lubricant
  • Spray-lubricate the throttle levers annually; monthly in case of very wet weather
  • If repairs are necessary, please contact us.

Charger and batteries

The Multi-Mover is battery-powered; you can ride the Mover at least one working day on a full battery and usually more. It depends on the Multi-Mover model and the type of batteries you use. Regularly charge the batteries with the charger supplied with the Mover. After 5 hours the Multi-Mover is ready for use again.

Hints and warnings:

  • Charge a new battery for 10 hours, before using the Multi-Mover.
  • Charge the batteries each night, regardless of power consumption during the day.
  • Charge the batteries after each use of the Multi-Mover. Waiting too long with recharging a fully discharged battery, may cause longer charging times and even damage to the battery.
  • Use only Multi-Mover-approved batteries and charger.
  • Don’t expose the batteries to heat over 60 ° C.
  • Don’t interrupt the charging process.
  • Never charge the batteries for a short period only.
  • If you comply with these rules, your batteries will have a longer life.

Don’t forget to plug the charger out before using the Multi-Mover !


How to charge the batteries

Always follow this procedure:

  • Switch off the Multi-Mover by means of the switch or the contact lock.
  • Plug the charger connector into the Multi-Mover’s charger connection.
  • Connect the charger to mains
  • The charger will now load the batteries. On the front of the charger a light will burn, first red, then orange and finally green.

For how long do I have to charge the batteries?

Best is to charge in the evening and during the night. Normal charging time is five hours. Please don’t interrupt the charging procedure as this will affect the batteries’ life-time.

How do I know the batteries are fully charged?

For all types of chargers a green LED or light will indicate that charging has ended and the batteries are full.

May batteries be overloaded?

No, the charger stops automatically when the batteries are full.

Is there a risk of the charger getting too hot during charging?

The charger may during charging heat up to about 45° C. The charger cannot explode. In case of overheating or other problems a safety fuse will switch off the charger.

Do the batteries need maintenance?

No, the Multi-Mover uses maintenance-free and hermetically closed batteries. It is however important to charge the batteries according to the instructions.

How long does the batteries’ guarantee last?

All consumable parts are guaranteed for 6 months. This also applies to the batteries.

How long will the batteries last?

The batteries are your Multi-Mover’s fuel. Over the years of Multi Mover use the batteries will have to be renewed a few times. Usually the batteries have a life-time of 18 to 36 months, depending on the way they have been charged and frequency of use.

What should I do when the Multi-Mover will not be used for 6 months or more?

Batteries will always gradually empty, sometimes with 1% per day. If batteries are charged for less than 80% , this may effect their lifetime. In order to prevent this you should charge them once a month.

If you have any further demands, please contact us.