X-large - 3500 kg

Multi-Mover XL35


150-380 kg


165 cm


70 or 80 cm


103 cm

Push and Pull force

3500 kg

The Multi-Mover XL35 is an electric power tug which moves loads up to 3500 Kg. The XL series has several types of steering arms and is available in 3 very strong and reliable engines.

This Multi-Mover may also be deployed on both hard and soft surfaces. You may use this pedestrian mover in the factory, airports, on the work floor and in many other locations. You can also easily manoeuvre and drive garbage containers uphill.

This model is the lightest of all XL models but with all the features you can think off.

This model is available from 150 kg own weight up to 380 kg, enough weight for traction and stopping your load.

Always supplied with 2 batteries (in the drive box), external charger, ball and cone coupling. There are many options to choose from.

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Steering wheels
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Counter Weight
Weight package 240 Kg
Weight package 280 Kg with Axle reinforcement
Weight package 300 Kg with Axle reinforcement
Weight package 380 Kg with Axle reinforcement

Moveable tillerhead arm
Adjustable tillerhead arm
Steering on tillerhead arm
Remote control upgrade

Batt upgrade from 55 to 100Ah

Other options
ATEX zone 1, 21, 2 or 22
Anti wheely wheels
Foaming both 15/16/18 inch Tyres
Different RAL colour
Horn 105 dB
Warningsystem Flashlight optical
Warningsystem Drive acoustical
Internal Charger
Hours Display
Inching forwards /backwards