Electric power tug

Produktlinie Multi-Mover Elektroschlepper und Ziehhilfe

Electric Tow Tugs …. Multi-Mover


There are 8 different models of Electric Power Tugs in the Multi-Mover product line,


Offering 8 models for a wide range of applications.

The Multi-Mover electric powered tug is heavy enough on its own to safely accelerate and above all to slow down, and always power before speed. Al our models have at least 2 brakes, firstly the engine brake and secondly the electromagnetic brake.

With the Multi-Mover electric wow tugs you can easily move your trailer, trolley or wagon and manoeuvre it on flat terrain and sometimes on ramps up to 30%.  Thanks to the special tyres and the differential drive, the Multi-Mover can be used on hard and often unpaved surfaces. We manufacture tugs for all applications.

Our maintenance-free engines are highly functional and effective. Forceful acceleration, excellent brakes and fast switching between forward and reverse. You do not need a driver-license to use the Multi-Mover. The Multi-Mover is made in the Netherlands.

We manufacture tow tugs  for trailers up to 3500 kg, industrial tow tugs up to 10 tons and heavy duty electric power tugs up to 80 tons. We want you to be able to work safely. We also manufacture couplings, all with declaration of conformity.

Multi-Mover XXL10To

Multi-Mover XXL10To





The Multi-Mover: the versatile electric tow tug.


  • Compact and versatile
  • Maintenance-free
  • Various couplings available
  • For internal and outdoor use
  • Various tyre types available
  • CE with Declaration of Conformity


The Multi-Mover enables you to move your trailer over a flat or even a slightly sloping surface. Because of its special tyres and drive via a differential all Multi-Movers  electric tugs can be used on both hard and somtimes soft surfaces .


Easy to charge

The Multi-Mover pushing and pulling tug is very accurate and slow to drive. (stepless from 0.1 to maximum 5.0 km/h). It drives very smooth. The Multi-Mover is a tug and not a vehicle. So you do not need a driving licence. The standard rechargeable batteries can be recharged within 3-5 hours using the supplied charger at any mains socket. Almost all chargers have a digital storage medium which we can easily read out.


Ladegerät Multi-Mover L25